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The Coronavirus pandemic has halted all our UK musical productions and so we decided to use the time to complete a number of new concepts. Kids love stories and Beyond a Book allows them to, in effect join our creative team and have their dreams put into print.


The story will be around 100 pages long. Once finished it will be published. The first edition will be auctioned in support of our designated charity of the year  BOOKTRUST Paperback editions will then be available online for you , your family and friends.


Testimonial April 13th

So now we are in the book?  We hope so- excuse the spelling mistakes

Sally Entwar!

Testimonial April 10th

Wow, this has been fun. We hope you like what we have sent. love it.

Gelda Trone

Beyond Theatre

We create and produce amazing

musicals and entertainment experiences.

“WhiteWitch” is more than just a rock musical with magical effects.

“The LAB” isn’t just a chance to learn how to make potions and magical smoking cocktails.

The Mamma Mia Immersive Wedding will not just take you into the story itself.

We will do more